Giving is a big part of worship and honoring God.  God established a giving principle with Abraham when HE explained, "I will bless you to be a blessing to others."  God also continues with this same principle by example.  Scripture says that "God so loved the world, that He gave..."  He didn't just give leftovers, HE gave what was most dear to HIS heart: His Son.
Gifts to HPFBC are used to support local and international ministries and missions.  Every dollar given to the HPFBC general fund is distributed to support meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the Honea Path community, as well as around the world.  
We believe that Scripture teaches your "tithe" should go to your home church's general fund.  We also believe that gifts above and beyond your "tithe" (offerings) are great opportunities to support designated areas that may be particularly meaningful to you.  Some special offerings you may be interested in are:
North American Missions * International Missions * Children's Ministry * Youth Ministry * Building Fund * Van Fund * Celebrate Recovery * United Ministries (helping to meet the needs of those in Honea Path) * 

If you want your gift to support a specific ministry, make a note on your check.


You can mail checks to :
Honea Path First Baptist Church

100 South Main Street * Honea Path, SC 29654

Or click the picture below to give electronically.